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How To Grow and Maintain Thick And Long Hair

Top haircare tips for long and luscious hair

Who isn’t a fan of long, healthy and bouncy hair? Be the talk of the town with your natural, stellar hair length and shine. While having long hair seems fancy and impressive, maintaining them is a different battle altogether. If you’re looking for ways to maintain or grow your hair, follow these easy tips for stunning results. 

Trimming Long Hair

trim your hair frequently

This might sound counterintuitive, but it is the number one tip for maintaining hair growth and health. Hair growth comes with breakage and split ends. As your hair grows, the lower ends get weaker and more prone to breakage. Split ends or damaged hair can slow your growth, giving your hair a damaged look. Get your hair trimmed every 2-3 months to remove the damaged hair and allow new, healthy hair to grow.

Pick Your Shampoo

clean, vegan, cruelty free shampoo

Nowadays the market is filled with various anti-hair fall shampoos that promise more than they deliver. Popular shampoo brands are filled with toxins and chemicals that do more harm than good. Avoid using shampoos that contain sulphates or Parabens. Instead opt for vegan, organic shampoos made with natural ingredients known to be good for your hair. 

No More Hot Showers

hot water showers in winters

Taking a hot steaming shower during winter can be relaxing and help you unwind after a long day. However, this hot shower is extremely unhealthy for your hair and one of the major reasons behind stunted hair growth. The hot water opens the pores on your scalp, allowing the steam to damage and weaken your hair roots from within. Excessive hot water can strip off your natural oils and leave you with a dry, flakey or itchy scalp. Use lukewarm water while washing your hair and turn the shower to cold water at the very end. The cold water helps close your pores and retain moisture for longer. It gives your hair a natural bounce and shine.

Blow Drying Is A No-No 

blow drying your long hair can make them rough

While blow drying might seem like an easy way to add some volume and style to your hair, it is another unhealthy habit that is making your hair prone to damage and breakage. Frequently blow-drying your hair makes them brittle and rough. Blow drying is just like any other form of heat damage. It removes the moisture from your hair and makes it look dull. 

Oiling Your Long Hair 

hair oiling for healthy long hair

This age-old Indian tradition still holds in today’s modern day and age. Your hair needs to be nourished from the outside to protect them from the harsh sun, pollution and constant heat damage from styling. Gently give your scalp a massage with hair oil to strengthen your roots and exfoliate your scalp. Regularly using hair oil promotes hair growth and adds volume to your hair. Use castor oil to help your hair grow faster. Onion juice mixed with hair oil helps combat hair fall and hair dryness. 

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