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Do Your Makeup Like A Pro With These Tips

If you’re a teenager who’s using makeup for the first time or curious to learn better tips and tricks about makeup, figuring out what works best for you is the first step towards becoming a pro makeup artist. The order of makeup and the right method of using might seem tricky to begin with, however, it gets easier and more fun with time. To make your makeup journey even smoother and better, here are the essential makeup tips for beginners.

1. Laying the base 

foundation coverage for Indian skin

For many people, using a foundation correctly can be a bit daunting in the beginning. If not used correctly, your foundation can look cakey, wrinkled or patchy. The first task is to find the right shade for your skin. Using a shade lighter or darker will make your face and body look different and ruin your look. Always drag your foundation down to your neck to ensure it’s all the same colour. Use a buffing makeup sponge or brush based on your preference. A makeup sponge gives you less coverage and the foundation looks more natural while using a makeup brush gives you full coverage and a matte finish. Once you’re done with your foundation, use a translucent face baking powder to set the foundation before moving on to the next step. 

2. Get that glow with a highlighter 

highlighter for dewy glass skin makeup

Who doesn’t want to look radiant? Using a highlighter can help add that sheen and glow to your face. Use a highlighter on the high points of your face so that whenever the light hits your face it helps accentuate and enhance your natural bone structure. You can use a light liquid highlighter for daily wear. Bright and coloured highlighters are the latest makeup trend taking the Internet by storm. Add a highlighter to your brow bone to get an all-natural brow lift. Other points to highlight are the bridge of your nose, cheekbones and temples. 

3. Pick your lipstick

pink lipstick minimalistic look natural lip tint

A good lipstick ties your look together and helps frame your face. You can make your lipstick the standout feature of your look by choosing a bright colour, or you can go for a subtle, minimalistic approach. Use your lipstick to define the lips and enhance your natural pout. If you want to make your lipstick stay longer, use a matching lip liner to first outline your lips. With the sharper end of the lipstick, create an “X” in the middle of your upper lip to add more definition. 

4. The beloved Kajal  

black or brown Kajal to line your eyes

Kajal is the most popular Indian girl makeup product. This black kohl stick is found in the bags of almost all girls. Using Kajal in the lower lash line helps enhance your eye shape, widen it and make your eyes look bigger. While applying to the lower lash line, create a wing with your Kajal to create an illusion of a longer eye. If you want to get more creative with your makeup you can even smudge out the wing to add a Smokey effect.

5. Just wing it

easy ways to do a winged eyeliner

An eyeliner is one makeup product that even the most dedicated makeup lovers find challenging. A nicely done eyeliner can help open your eyes and even change their shape. The difference between Kajal and eyeliner is that while both are used to add more definition to the lash line. Kajal can be used on the upper and lower lash lines while eyeliner is applied to the top. If you’re new to applying liquid eyeliner, begin with creating the wing first and then draw a line to connect it to your lash line. If you’re aiming for a subtle look you can use brown eyeliner instead of a black one. Use a gel based eyeliner in the beginning as it is easier to handle.

Good makeup skills come from experimenting everyday with new and creative looks. Trust the process and don’t forget to have fun! Do follow our Instagram page for more of such useful tips and tricks.

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