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How Can One Become A Successful Freelance Makeup Artist?

How can one become a successful freelance makeup artist?

All makeup lovers dream about becoming successful makeup artists. Who wouldn’t want to turn their passion into their job? Makeup artist roles are on the rise across the nation. From bridal makeup to top fashion shows, a good makeup artist is always a top requirement. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw a sharp rise in the number of students who would like to take their hobby and turn it into their career. Today many highly paid freelance makeup artists are doing great in this field. 

What is a freelance makeup artist?

freelance makeup artist

A freelance makeup artist is someone who works independently. They are not represented or working under any particular makeup studio or company. They build their network of customers and choose their working hours and their pay scale. Freelance makeup artists in India can enjoy a sense of independence from corporate work hours, and more creative freedom over their work and how they build their portfolio. 

What are the required qualifications?

qualifications to become a freelance makeup artist

Honing your skills and working on your craft is the first step towards becoming a successful freelance makeup artist. Once you’re sure this is the path you want to take forward, you can enrol in a good makeup school. An online certification program allows you to learn at your own pace, from the convenience and comfort of your home while getting better at the right job for you. You can also learn by working under an already established makeup artist, learn the ins and outs of makeup trends and products from the pros, assist them and build your network till you believe you’re ready to go solo. 

What should you know before becoming a freelance makeup artist? 

how to become a freelance makeup artist

Knowledge about skincare

Any makeup artist or enthusiast knows that good makeup starts with good skin care. Take care of your skin and your makeup will look better than ever! A makeup artist should know about the different skin types, their concerns and what products suit them the best. 

Dedication to the craft

Freelance makeup artists do not have luxurious jobs right from the beginning. You need to work hard and be passionate about your job. This helps create the right connections and network for your growth. 

Punctuality and professionalism 

Pushing through on projects can be more difficult when you are your boss. You need to have professional behaviour from day one. Be disciplined and punctual so that your clients are happy with your work. 

How can you become a successful makeup artist?

how to learn makeup online

Find the right course 

Choose between an online or offline course that teaches you all the basics and important elements of makeup. Choose the mode based on what suits your lifestyle better. Airblack is India’s leading online makeup and beauty school. Enrol for the latest certificate course from our supremely talented makeup experts. Learn from the pros and become one yourself! Another way to get credibility is working with pre-established retail stores such as Nykaa, MAC, Lakmé etc. learn the tricks and tips from celebrated artists before finding your direction.

Build your network 

Creating your network is a time taking process. Be patient and work hard. You can create your online portfolio on social media like Instagram and use that to attract more customers. Post your latest works and short reels to get a following. Start with lower prices than your competitors to attract more customers. Let your work talk and make a space for yourself among the beauty community. Use your digital portfolio to gain more traction and create a serious base for your career. 

Airblack Beauty Club has helped over 35,000 beauty enthusiasts setup their own business as a freelance makeup artist. Head over to our website to learn more about our courses!

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