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How To Ace The Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look

cut crease eye makeup
Source: Denitslava Makeup

Are you a makeup enthusiast who loves glamming like your favourite celebrities? If you’re looking for the perfect party look this wedding season, the cut crease is currently the hottest trend on Instagram and the makeup world is filled with its different looks and interesting takes. This stunning look might seem too difficult to recreate, but once you get a hang of it, you’re never going to miss doing this! 

What is the cut crease eye makeup look?

The cut crease eye look is a way to make your eyelids look more defined and pronounced by applying concealer to create creases that add more depth to your eyes. It helps make your eyes look more open and can be the standout feature of your look. Follow this easy step by step tutorial and become a pro in no time. 

Step 1. Primer goes a long way

Applying a good primer as a base helps create a clean canvas for your eye look. It helps hold the eye shadow and prevents you from the hassle of constantly retouching. In simple words, use a primer to make sure your makeup stays on. After all, that is the primary goal of a beautiful eye look. 

Step 2. Choose your base 

Apply the base layer of your eyeshadow. This will work as the backdrop of your eye look. Choose a neutral-toned or brown shade as a base. It makes your bright colours pop and looks eye-catching. Create an ombré effect by applying a lighter shade on the top of your eyelid and slightly smudge them together to give it more dimension. 

Step 3. Creating the crease

The crease is the show stopper of this look and it can be incredibly hard to pull it off correctly if you are a beginner. Give yourself a few trial shots and find what suits your eye shape the best. All you need is a flat concealer brush, a cream concealer and an eyeshadow of your choice. Apply the concealer to your eyelid with the help of the brush in clean strokes. Follow the natural line of your crease and create a defined line. Fill in your eyelid with foundation. Use a thinner brush to correct the cut crease and make it look more defined. 

Step 4. Spread some sparkle

Use a glitter eyeshadow and add it to the centre of your eyelids to make it pop. On top of this, you can add a shimmery eyeshadow to lock the glitter and keep it from moving. Layering glitter can be fun and a safe step. You can never have too much shimmer in an eyeshadow. 

Step 5. Liner on fleek

Now that we’ve finished the difficult task of creating the cut crease, use your favourite eyeliner to bring back some shape and definition to your eyes. Create a long-winged or cat-eye look. A bold liner pairs perfectly well with a glittery and bold cut crease look. 

You can use false lashes to add some volume to your eyelashes or simply use a volumizing mascara. Trust us, your cut crease eye makeup look is going to be the talk of every party you visit this year!

Check out our very own makeup expert, Ankita nail this look with ease:

From Rihanna to Kareena Kapoor, celebrities are obsessed with the cut crease makeup look. You can rock this look as well!

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