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How To Ace The Smokey Eyes Look

smokey eyes look
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Smokey eyes are equally glamorous and elegant. If done rightly, Smokey eyes look can quickly elevate your look and make you go from drab to fab. However, this look can be daunting at first and difficult to pull off. A smudged Smokey eye can end up giving you prominent dark circles. 

Here are the top smokey eyes look makeup hacks:

Always do your eyes first

do eyes first and use baking powder

A dark eyeshadow look can be difficult to master immediately. Using shimmer on top can cause a fall off of a product that is then accumulated under the eyes. Avoid doing your face before you’re done with your eyes. This way you can remove the excess eyeshadow later. Use a loose baking powder on the under-eye area so that you can easily brush off any residual product. 

Prime Time

primer to avoid creasing easy blending

Priming is essential for creating a dark Smokey eye and to make sure it stays. A primer helps even out your texture and smoothens any creases or wrinkling to avoid messy or smudged looks. A smooth and plain base makes it easier to blend the different eyeshadows and create a better-finished look. You can use concealer in the form of a primer as well, using a concealer makes your eyeshadow pop and look more vibrant. 

The Right Blend 

Blending and buffing circular motions

Blending the eyeshadows is the most crucial step for a stunning Smokey eye. Use different blending and buffing eyeshadow brushes to ensure the colours blend nicely. If you’re new to eye makeup, try using smaller circular strokes instead of creating straight lines. Circular motions help blend the colours so they don’t end up looking separate. Smudging is an important technique to nail a smokey eye. It helps create a gradient look and avoids any straight lines. 

Get creative

While most people were introduced to the black Smokey eye makeup look, the list goes on. You can get creative with your eye makeup and choose any colour of your choice. Use a hot pink shade with softer neutral pinks underneath as a base. Top it off with a shimmery silver or dark pink gloss to complete the Smokey eye look. Many different variations such as golden Smokey eye, and dark green smokey eye are in trend these days. You can use whatever eyeshadows you have at hand and create a Smokey eye look as long as you blend them correctly. 

The right placement 

keep it clean place it correctly

Wrongly placing or extending the eye makeup might make it look unclean or even scary. Keep in mind you’re working with darker shades to make sure you don’t overdo the pigments. Use the eyeshadow over the lower lash line to accentuate the eyes. Keep the darker shades restricted to the middle of the eyelids to create a better impact and bring attention to the iris. 

If you loved this look, do check out our Airblack expert, Amishi create this look on our Youtube channel as well. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more of such videos!

Cleaning up after a Smokey eye is equally important. Use cotton buds dipped in makeup remover to clean the sides making it look more polished and refined. For more hacks and professional tips, join the Airblack Beauty Club and kickstart your makeup career.

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