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How To Achieve The Gold Eye Look This Wedding Season

golden glam makeup
Denitslava Makeup

This is the season to shine and sparkle! Shimmery gold eyeshadow is the iconic party makeup that every makeup enthusiast should know. The colour looks luxurious, rich and glamorous. Gold is a versatile colour that suits all Indian skin tones and brings out natural glow. Be it for a party or a special event, gold eye makeup has been a safe and popular bet for ages. Here’s how you can achieve your dream gold eye makeup look and look timelessly chic!

1. Find your shade

Finding the right gold shade for your skin colour is the first step towards creating the perfect golden glam look. If you have a lighter skin tone, go for a champagne shade of gold. People with medium and darker brown tones should go for more pigmented and richer shades of Gold. A yellow toned gold shade suits Indian skin tones and enhances your features.

2. Get, set, shimmer

Gold is versatile and you can easily rock different looks with this shade. Use a bit of gold dust in the inner corner of your eyes for a statement yet soft look. Applying golden eyeshadow to the inner and outer corners helps define your eyes and create a dramatic makeup look for when you’re feeling extra! Swap your black and blue eyeliners for a bold and glittery look. Use a precision eyeshadow brush to gently apply the eyeshadow over your crease for a liner effect. You can use a dampened brush to get more pigment and make it stay!

3. Mascara for the drama

Why should your eyelids have all the fun? Eyelashes can elevate your look with just a few strokes of the right mascara. Choose the best type of mascara for your desired look. A voluminous mascara helps add more volume to your lashes and gives the effect of thicker lashes than before. If you’re aiming to elongate your lashes, go for a different mascara wand to create that dramatic long eyelash look. You can even add eyelash extensions to amp up your look.

4. A splash of colour

A gold makeup look doesn’t require you to restrict yourself to just that one colour. You can use gold and add some extra colours for a stunning unconventional gold eye look. Add shades of pink or purple for a party look. Adding brown or earth tones to your eyes is a fabulous way to make a statement. Using a dampened brush helps achieve that gilded glamorous look without any expensive products. Apply thick layers of rich golden eyeshadow to create a standout makeup look.

5. Bronzer to spice up the look

Gold eye makeup works wonders with bronze tones on the face. Pick your favourite bronzed and add some colour and flush to your face. A bronzed provides just the right amount of glow and that sun-kissed look without actually being in the sun! A full gold eyeshadow looks with bronzed skin will have people turning their heads wherever you show up!

6. Lipstick to seal the deal

You can go wild when it comes to your lipstick options. Everything, ranging from a subtle nude to a bold red can go with your gold eyeshadow look. Choose your lipstick based on the occasion. If you want to look classy and chic for an office party, go for brown or nude lips. Stand out with a bright red pout and be the talk of the wedding!

Whatever your mood, get your glitter game on with this golden eye look. If you want to learn more such impressive looks and grow as make up artist do check out the courses at Airblack.

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