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How To Balance Modern And Tradition In Indian Makeup

The Indian bridal industry has seen a growth in trendy and unique bridal looks. With many Bollywood actresses looking for a more understated glam look, brides are now looking for a look that is far from the bright bridal makeup of 2010s. The most popular bridal Indian makeup look right now is a mix of modern and traditional makeup elements. Balancing these two techniques can be challenging for makeup artists. They need to cater to the bride’s style while also keeping in mind cultural and religious customs. In this article, we will be discussing five ways in which makeup artists can balance traditional and modern techniques in Indian bridal makeup.

Traditional Hues

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One of the most important elements of traditional Indian bridal makeup is the use of bold and vibrant colours. These colors are often associated with specific cultural and religious meanings and are said to bring good luck and prosperity to the bride. To balance traditional and modern techniques, makeup artists can incorporate these colors into the bride’s makeup look, but in a more subtle and modern way. This can be done by using eye shadows, lip colors, and blushes in traditional shades, but in a more subdued and natural-looking way. Use a deep or maroon red lipstick instead of the bright scarlet reds.

A Modern Take On Tradition

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Another way is to use modern techniques to enhance traditional features. For example, modern contouring and highlighting techniques can be used to enhance the bride’s cheekbones, jawline, and nose, while traditional kajal (eyeliner) can be used to create a smoky and dramatic eye look. This way, the traditional features of the bride are highlighted, while modern techniques are used to enhance them.

A Touch Of Modern Elegance

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A bride’s hairstyle is an important part of her bridal look, and it is important to balance traditional and modern techniques when it comes to hairstyling as well. For example, a traditional bun or braid can be combined with modern hair accessories, such as hairpins or hairbands, to create a unique and modern look. Alternatively, a modern hairstyle, such as loose waves or a messy updo, can be paired with traditional hair jewellery, such as jasmine flowers or gold chains, to create a traditional and elegant look.

A Connection To The Roots

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Traditional Indian jewelry is an important part of every bride’s wedding look. In many Indian cultures, jewelry is a sacred and important tradition. You can modernize your jewelry while staying true to your origins. For example, traditional gold jewelry can be paired with modern, minimalistic clothing to create a contemporary look, or it can be paired with a traditional saree to create an elegant look.

Creating A Signature Look

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One of the most important things that makeup artists can do to balance traditional and modern techniques in Indian bridal makeup is to create a signature look that is unique to the bride. This can be done by combining traditional and modern techniques in a way that reflects the bride’s style and preferences. For example, a bride who prefers a more natural and understated look can opt for a minimalistic makeup look that focuses on enhancing her natural beauty. On the other hand, a bride who prefers a more dramatic and glamorous look can opt for bold and vibrant colours and heavy contouring.

Balancing traditional and modern techniques in Indian bridal makeup is a challenging task that requires a great deal of skill and creativity. With the right touches and twigs, makeup artists can help create memorable and beautiful moments.

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