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How To Find The Perfect Nude Lip Shade For Every Skin Tone

A nude lip is always in vogue. There is a nude lip shade out there for everyone! A nude lip colour can be pretty and flattering on all if done right. It adds versatility to your look, pair it with a Smokey eye, a colorful eye look or go the no-makeup way, nude lipstick compliments every makeup look. 

However, if you don’t find the shade for your skin tone, it can often end up ruining your makeup. What might look like an easy and versatile lip colour can actually be very difficult to get right without proper consultation.

nude lip shade for indian skin tone

How to pick the right shade?

When picking the right shade for your face, the first thing you should consider is your skin colour and undertone. Undertone is the colour present beneath your skin. It decides your complexion.There are 3 main undertones and here’s how you can find your undertone:

Warm: people with a warm undertone have skin that looks yellowish. If your veins look green under your skin, then you have a warm undertone. 

Cool: if the colour of your veins under your skin looks blue then you have a cool undertone. 

Neutral: some people might have a mixture of both, a greenish-bluish colour, this means you have a neutral undertone and can pull off any colours easily! 

The right shade for your skin tone

Indian skin tones are diverse and finding the one true nude that fits all is next to impossible. Instead, focus on your skin tone and look for the perfect nude lip for your skin type. 

nude lipstick for fair skin tone

Fair skin and soft pinks 

People with fairer skin tones should look for a nude lip with hints of pink in it. There’s no need to compromise on the nude colour and go bright pink, instead look for a lip shade that matches your real lip colour. Lipsticks with a brown or grey undertone can wash out your face and make you look dull and chalky. Adding just the right amount of pink helps bring out your natural glow and gives you a healthy pop of colour. 

nude lipstick for medium skin tone

Caramel and beiges for medium skin 

If you have a medium skin tone you’re in luck because almost all shades look flattering on your skin! For the best results, look for a nude lipstick with an orange or olive undertone. Colours such as toffee, caramel or sheer nudes with hints of brown enhance your skin colour. A darker nude lipstick with red undertones is the perfect system lip shade for when you’re feeling bold or just want to make an impression. This lip shade is both minimal while also interesting enough to make you stand out.

Dusky mauves 

nude lipstick for dark skin tone

When it comes to darker or duskier Indian skin tones, finding the right nude lipstick can be tricky. A chocolate brown lip colour is always a good idea for darker shades. Look for rich browns, deep chocolate shades or darker nudes with reddish brown undertones. These colours compliment dark skin and make it look composed and glamorous. Avoid shades with a pink or lighter undertone as they might end up giving you “concealer lips” a term used for nude lipstick that looks like concealer on darker skin tones. 

Finding the right nude lipstick is definitely a task. Always do a quick swatch of the lipstick on your hand to ensure it suits your skin type before buying any new lipsticks. Follow Airblack Beauty Club for more information and hacks! 

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