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How To Get The Perfect Dewy Skin Makeup Look


The Internet is going Gaga over the dewy skin makeup look. It is a light and breathable look that helps you get soft and shiny skin as if every hour is golden hour. It is a way of using makeup to give you that enviable glow and gleam without looking too oily. While it might be difficult for everyone to achieve the Korean glass skin trend, you can easily create a dewy skin makeup look using the right makeup products. Here are the best tips for the perfect dewy skin makeup look this winter.

Start with exfoliation 

exfoliation for glowy healthy skin

Winters can make your skin dry and dull. To bring back some bounce and youthfulness to your skin, remove the excess layers of dead cells and dirt from your face. Exfoliating your face once in a while helps get rid of dullness and brings out your natural glow. Use a gentle exfoliating face wash if you are new to it. You can opt for exfoliating peels or solutions once your skin gets comfortable with exfoliation. Once your skin is prepped and exfoliated, it can absorb the products and create the perfect dewy base. 

Matte for primer 

matte primer for a clean base

While it might look like the opposite, using a matte primer can help you get the dewy skin makeup look better. A matte primer creates a sheen on your skin and acts like a barrier. It protects your skin and blurs out your pores and wrinkles. It also helps your makeup to sit better, look more natural and stay on for longer. Use the right mix of foundation and highlighters to achieve dewy skin makeup. 

A Stunning Base 

sheer or low-coverage foundation

A sheer or low-coverage foundation allows your skin to shine naturally. Use an illuminating foundation that helps give you a glossy look that looks healthy, youthful and shiny without looking greasy or oily. Avoid using medium or full coverage foundations. Full-coverage foundations contain more pigments and give a matte finish that can make you look dull during the winter. 

The Glow Boost 

Liquid highlighter for glowing skin

Now that your base makeup is finished, it is time to add some glow and sparkle to your look. Liquid highlighters are the way to go. A liquid highlighter is lighter and gives off a more natural finish instead of a powder highlighter. Use your fingers to place a few drops of the highlighter on the high points of your face. It helps catch the light and reflect it in a way that your face looks sharp, chiselled and radiant. 

Blending In 

blush for a pop of colour

Cold, harsh winters can damage your skin barrier and even cause spots that make you look discoloured or dull. A blush is a perfect way to bring back some colour to your face and smile. Here is how you create the perfect dewy blush. Use your favourite liquid blush or cream blush mixed with a drop of sheer highlighter. Gently dab the blush on the apples of your cheeks with a brush or your fingers. Bring the blush to your nose bridge for an added sun-kissed look. Using blush around your nose helps give you that fake just stepped out in the sun look without any sun damage. 

Bronze Goddess 

bronzer to seal in the glow

Your dewy skin makeup is incomplete without a little bronzer to seal in the glow. Use a copper or light golden shade based on your skin tone. Bronzer can tie your whole look together. It helps add some more warmth to your face during the winter seasons. Use a high-shine gloss or a peach-shaded lip stain to create the perfect lip look that looks natural without even trying. 

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