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How to make sure your makeup lasts all night

Creating the perfect makeup look can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours. Who would want their beautiful artwork to smudge or fade before the night is over? Luckily, adding just a few extra steps to your makeup routine can help ensure a full face all night long. Follow these steps to make sure your makeup lasts all night long.

1. Prep and prime 

The first step towards achieving makeup that stays all night is creating the right base for it. A good skin care routine followed by primer helps give your makeup a smooth and long lasting finish. Use a mattifying primer if you have oily skin to minimise pores and control oil buildup. 

2. Avoid too many layers 

The idea of layering too many makeup products might seem like the way to make it last. However, it is actually the opposite. A thick layer of foundation slips off your face or might get cakey and form creases. Use medium coverage products and put thin layers, making the look buildable based on necessity. 

3. Dust some powder

Powder products are your friend. While cream makeup products help you achieve that dewy, glowy makeup look, powder makeup products last longer. Use your favourite cream makeup products and layer them with a final layer of translucent setting powder. Reapply setting powder as often as required for touch ups to keep your makeup fresh all night long. If you have oily skin, avoid cream products and choose powder foundations, blushes and bronzers. 

4. Waterproof makeup for the win!

Source: Vogue

Water based products have been proven to be more wearable and long lasting compared to oil based products. Use waterproof mascara, lipstick or setting spray to keep your makeup on in humid weather or  when you’re sweating. 

5. Apply lip liner

Lip liner not only helps shape your lips and enhance your lipstick, they also hold the lipstick and stay longer on the lips. Use a lip liner in the exact shade as your lipstick for a monochromatic lip look. You can also choose a darker lip liner and create an ombré lip shade for a bolder finish. To make your lip last even longer, apply the lip liner on your full lip first. Apply your lipstick on top of the lip liner for an enhanced, brighter colour that stays all night long. 

6. Use blotting paper

Excess oil or sebum buildup melts the  makeup and makes your skin shiny(not in a good way) Blotting paper is the perfect product to keep your makeup fresh. A blotting sheet helps remove the excess sheen and oil from your skin without moving or disturbing the makeup. Keep these blotting sheets handy in your purse for a quick touch up without adding extra makeup layers.  

7. Understand your skin type 

An important factor is understanding your skin type and its needs. Oily skin is more prone to makeup runoff or melting due to the oil production over time. Use matte or oil free foundations with ingredients such as salicylic acid to prevent breakouts. People with dry skin should look for hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient to help nourish your skin and leave it healthy and supple. 

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