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How To Make Your Base Makeup Flawless

base makeup foundation

A good base is essential to create the perfect makeup look. Your foundation should look like second skin, not something you’ve put on. Cracks, creases or cakey bases can ruin your face, no matter how good your eyeshadow or lipstick is. The wrong techniques, incorrect shades or tools can contribute to a makeup base that doesn’t sit right. Here’s how you can apply the perfect base makeup that looks just like your skin while giving you a flawless finish.

1. The Right Canvas

correct shade of foundation for no-makeup makeup look

For any makeup look to shine, it is necessary to begin with a clean and healthy canvas. Make sure your skin is hydrated and taken care of. Use the right products that target your skin problems to ensure your skin is at its healthiest and brightest. Use minimal foundation to get the perfect no-makeup makeup look when your skin is naturally supple and glowing. 

2. Prime Your Skin

Good quality primer to blur pores and wrinkles

A primer is the second most important step for creating a flawless base. A good primer helps blur your skin and create an even base for your foundation. It holds your base together and keeps the makeup intact for longer. It will make blending the products easier and give a smooth finish. Primers help even out any enlarged pores or wrinkles present on your face. Use a good-quality primer that matches your skin type. People with oily skin should especially consider investing in a good primer because it helps control excess sebum production and holds your makeup in place.

3. Colour Correctors

colour correcting for even skin tone

Everyone has skin problems. Be it dark spots, fine lines or tan spots. Indian skin tones especially face a lot of discolouration and pigmentation around the eyes, nose and lips. Many people also suffer from redness or acne. Knowing about the right colour correctors based on your problem helps target the exact problem and cancel it out. According to colour theory, colours on opposite sides of the spectrum cancel each other out. Use a green colour corrector for active acne or red spots. Orange helps cancel out any blue undertones around the eye or lip region. To hide any discolouration or to ensure even skin colour use yellow colour correctors. 

4. Finding The Right Foundation

Your foundation is a crucial step for flawless base makeup. Finding the right shade is important for good coverage. Use a lightweight or mild coverage foundation for daily wear. Foundations should be buildable and breathable for your skin to avoid breakouts. Look for foundations with ingredients like salicylic acid to help prevent acne.

5. Concealers 

concealer to brighten dull skin and hide dark circles

Different makeup influencers often swap these two steps and use concealer before foundation. Concealers are heavy products and might show underneath your foundation. Use a concealer to bring back some brightness to your skin and give you that glowing finish. It evens our your skin by covering any dark spots or hyperpigmentation present.

6. Translucent Powder 

setting powder for oily skin or cakey makeup

To ensure your base stays set and lasts all night you must use a translucent setting powder. Don’t overdo this or you might end up with flakey makeup or creases. Use just the right amount of setting powder to avoid oily patches or foundation wrinkles. 

Now that your base is finished you’re ready to create your favourite makeup look. A good base gives you the confidence to pull off any bold eye or lip. Get creative with the colours and use a pink-toned blush to bring back some colour to your cheeks and add a healthy flush to your face. For more such tips and hacks, follow our Airblack Instagram page.

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