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Looking Back At The Best Makeup Looks Of 2022

Makeup looks and trends are ever evolving and changing. From perfect winged liners to smudgy eyes, makeup trends come and go with every season. This brings us to the question, what were the best makeup looks for 2022? 

This year was all about natural tones, luminous skin, large and voluminous eyelashes and bright colours. The groundbreaking makeup looks from euphoria have set a trend of dark and bright shades followed by heavy glitter and shimmer. Experimenting with neon colours was also a big trend this year. 

Here are the top 5 glam looks that captivated us this year:

1. Metallic Shades

metallic shimmery makeup look

Makeup artists are going all out with brightly painted metallic makeup products that give you a glow straight off the runway. Brands have come out with products such as metallic eyeshadows, liners and even blushes. Use deep glitter shades such as royal blue or green and add extra shimmer to your cheeks. This metallic makeup look was the best glam way to attract all the attention at any party. 

2. The Clean Girl

the clean girl makeup on brown skin

The clean girl aesthetic had taken over all college-going women as the new no-makeup makeup look this year. With the #cleangirlaesthetic being a top trend on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Many variations and tutorials of this look are available online. The best part about this look is that you can build it according to your preference and whatever makeup products you’re carrying. It is a buildable look that makes you look dressed up with minimal effort. This look requires limited products, the key to clean makeup is using concealer, a blush that matches your skin tone and adding a clear gloss to your lips. Clean girl makeup is all about the skin, so make sure your skin is perfectly hydrated and prepped for this look. 

3. Back To The 90s

This beloved 90s trend made a comeback, and rightfully so! All big celebs from JLo to Deepika Padukone are smitten with this hack that gives your fuller and more glamorous lips. Use a lip liner that is a shade darker than your lips to overline them. Follow it with matte lipstick and blend them to give the illusion of a voluminous pout. Many influencers also pair a lip liner with clear lip gloss to make the lips look juicy and the centre of attention. 

4. Purple Is The New Pink

purple blush in india

The purple blush trend was a true game changer. Instead of using coral or peachy shades to enhance your natural look, makeup artists this year are going all out with dark purple-toned blushes. A purple blush helps make your cheekbones the star of your makeup look. Hit the high points of your cheeks with a purple blush and follow it with a liquid highlighter to seal in the glow. Purple blushed cheeks are a statement that is buildable based on how deep or bright you want the look to be. It is versatile and suits almost all skin tones. 

5. Monochromatic Moment 

monochromatic pink makeup look

This is a classic fan favourite look because of its ease and how good it looks. You cannot go wrong with a monochromatic look. The monochromatic look was a favourite among working women as it is easy to create and can be touched up easily every day. This look gained popularity after many brands launched all-in-one lip and cheek tints. You can use the same product to do your lips, blush and even your eyeshadow. The effortlessness and high payoff that this look provides have quickly made it one of the top glam looks of 2022. You can use peachy, coral or terracotta shades based on your skin tone to pull off this look. 

With 2022 being a year filled with bright shades and creative makeup looks, it is exciting to see what new trends and hacks the new year will bring! Join the Airblack Beauty Club to become a pro makeup artist and kickstart your makeup journey!

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