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The Best Lipstick Shades That Suit All Indian Skin Tones

Gone are the days when makeup was only used to conceal your dark spots, pimples or blur out hyperpigmentation. Today, makeup is a way for you to express yourself freely and creatively. It is used, not to hide yourself, but to enhance your being. Makeup is a way of self expression that is growing rapidly in India. A popular and beloved makeup product of all Indian women is lipstick. This product that has been in use since the beginning is the go to product for all young girls who are using makeup for the first time as well as women who have been doing it for years. A lipstick suits everyone, it can immediately make you feel a thousand times better and more confident. With the myriad of shades and colours available in the market, it can be difficult to find what works for you and your mood. Here are the top lipstick shades everyone should own. 

1. The Nuanced Nude

This versatile lipstick can be worn anywhere from a beach day out to a full glam dark eyes party makeup. The subtle look and simplicity of this shade gives off an elegant and chic look and elevates any outfit. However, this lipstick shade isn’t suitable for all. People with paler skin might need to look for a lighter shade that suits their skin while the same colour would make darker skin women look like they have “concealer lips” . Always make sure to first find the correct shade for your skin colour and test it. Nude shades are buildable and easy to retouch while giving off a classy look. 

2. Perky in Pink

Source: MyGlamm

Nothing is more romantic than soft pink lips with minimal makeup. Pink lipstick is a true game changer that can be dressed down or styled based on your mood. A soft, pink lip enhances your natural lips while making them look much better and more alluring. Finding the right shade of pink lipstick for your skin type is important to create the best look. Fairer skin tones should aim for a lighter lip shade that can look natural and playful. Darker skin people can go for something more coral or hot pink to give a pop of colour. A pink lip is the epitome of class and minimal makeup, find your perfect go to shade for daytime parties and brunches. 

3. The Bold Red

Source: Violettefr

Dare we say anything more? This iconic colour has been immortalised by Hollywood legends from Marilyn Monroe to Taylor Swift. A classic red lip has the power to completely change and transform your outfit making you party ready in seconds. Pulling off a red lip in itself is an act of confidence. Red lipstick brightens your skin tone and makes your teeth look whiter. The classic look is sophisticated, daring and extremely charming. Be it a normal work day or a wedding party, a red lip will rock your day! 

4. Brown Behaviour

Source: Maybelline

This Indian 90s staple was popularised by Shilpa Shetty and Madhuri Dixit. It is a shade that perfectly complements Indian skin tones and looks. A brown lip along with a brown lip liner can add just the right amount of drama and creativity to your look. Make sure your chocolate brown lipstick goes with your skin tone to create your statement brown look. A brown monochromatic look is the hottest trend of the year, use your favourite lipstick as an eyeshadow and contour to create a brown toned makeup look. 

Find your lipstick shade or get creative. There is definitely a colour out there that will make you fall in love with your lipstick.

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