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The Only Lip Liner Application Hack You Need

Lip liner can be a tricky thing to master. Many of us struggle with getting the perfect shape and keeping our liner from smudging or bleeding. But, don’t worry! There’s a little known hack that can make lip liner application a breeze and help you achieve the perfect pout.

Use A Brush

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The hack is simple, all you need is a lip liner and a lip brush. First, start by defining your lips with the lip liner, following your natural lip line. Once you have outlined your lips, take your lip brush and gently blend the liner into your lips. This will not only help the liner to adhere better to your lips, but it will also give a more natural and blended look.

Fill In With Your Favourite Lipstick

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Now, you can fill in your lips with your lip color of choice. The lip brush will help to create an even and smooth application, giving you a flawless finish. Additionally, you can use the lip brush to blend the lip color with the liner, making sure that there are no harsh lines.

Concealer Lips…In A Good Way

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Another great tip is to use a concealer to clean up any mistakes. Simply, apply a small amount of concealer around the edge of your lips and blend it out with a brush or your finger. This will help to create a crisp and defined lip line.

More Tips!

One more great thing about this hack is that it can work with any type of lip liner, whether it be a pencil, a liquid or a gel liner. Using a lip brush with a pencil liner will help to soften the lines and make the application more natural-looking. The same goes for liquid or gel liner, a lip brush will help to make the application more precise and easy to control.

In conclusion, using a lip brush with your lip liner is an easy and effective way to achieve a perfect pout. It will help to define your lips, create an even and smooth application, and blend the liner seamlessly with your lip color. Give it a try and see for yourself how easy and fun lip liner application can be! Follow our Instagram page for more such tips and hacks. Airblack is the one destination for all your beauty related questions.

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