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What Is HD Makeup And How To Ace It

Makeup trends have evolved over the years, from dramatic winged liners to soap brows, we have seen it all. Another budding trend that has piqued our interest is the HD makeup look. Once HD cameras and plasma screens became the norm, people were able to focus on the most minute of details present on a person’s face. Suddenly we could see the fine lines, acne marks or scars present on the otherwise perfect faces of our favourite celebrities. HD makeup is the answer to all those problems. With its micro crystal particles and sheer finish, HD makeup allows you to have gorgeous skin that looks real even on camera. 

What is HD makeup? 

long lasting and sheer makeup
Source: IDiva

‘High Definition’ or HD makeup is a special formula created for those special occasions where high resolution cameras are used. Be it a professional photo shoot, wedding photography or film shoot, HD makeup has quickly taken over the makeup industry. HD makeup is light and sheer in use with a strong formula that can withstand long hours, heat or lights. It gives you that flawless look as if you’re using an Instagram filter at all times. 

How does it work? 

hd makeup for photoshoots makeup professional
Source: HerZindagi

HD makeup works by covering all your skin imperfections. From dark circles, hyperpigmentation to uneven skin tones or acne marks, HD makeup can cover it all. The best part about this makeup is that it is extremely buildable and gives a sheer finish. It is light on skin and feels just like a second skin on your face. HD makeup is perfect for this long photo shoots or as bridal makeup because it is extremely comfortable and won’t cause creases on your face. It contains micro crystals, or silicone which helps you get that second skin finish that is breathable and works with your movement. 

Why should you use HD makeup?

HD makeup for glowing bridal makeup
Source: IDiva

HD makeup enhances your natural skin, makes it look more radiant and evens out your skin tone. It covers any imperfections or discolouration to give you that smooth and glossy finish. For makeup artists working longer hours during shoots or if you’re a bride, HD makeup is the way to go. Indian brides have to stay in makeup for hours during the wedding ceremony, there are many high resolution cameras and the focus is on the bride. Using HD makeup can give you the confidence to go through a full event without constant worries of touch ups or makeup slips. 

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