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Nail Art

How To Create These Trendy Nail Art Looks At Home

Nail art has taken the country by storm and is the hottest trend online. With many new nail salons opening around the nation, having prom and proper nails has become a thing of the past. The latest trend is to have quirky and creative nails that amp up your outfit and style. 

Getting your nails done can be an act of self care , treating yourself or just something to make you feel pretty and confident. However, you don’t have to spend thousands every time you want to get a pretty manicure, here are the best creative and easy nail art designs that will add just the right amount of sparkle to your look. 

Galaxy Nails

easy galaxy themed nail art tutorial

For this ethereal look, start with a plain base coat. This helps make your nails stronger and holds the nail paint in place for longer. Add a glossy black nail paint to create the canvas for your galaxy look. Make abstract shapes with the help of a brush or an earbud with your blue and pink nail paint. Once the nail paint is dry, add some sheer silver glitter nail paint for that extra shine. Next use a white nail paint and thin tipped brush to create tiny dots all over. Use the same white nail paint to create star shaped patterns. Use a glossy top coat to seal the nail paints and keep on longer. Enjoy your easy and super fun galaxy inspired nails at home! Accessorise with your favourite gold rings for a bold look.  

Abstract Nails

abstract nail art ideas

If you want to make your nail paint last longer and prevent breakage, it’s time to bring out your press on nails. Use opaque press on nails that allow you to design them freely. To create this look, start with a base coat with a gel based nail paint of your choice. Now pick any three bright gel nail paints that you want to work with. Use a fine tipped brush to create abstract shapes and curves on your nails using these. Make pretty swirls or patterns, this is the chance to let your creativity shine! You can opt for two or as many colours as you’d like. Add a shiny top coat to seal the paint and get some extra shine. You can use a matte top coat if you want to make your look more natural and formal. 

The Comic Nails 

comic nail art look at home

This trend has been blowing up on social media. From comic makeup, comic inspired cakes to now nails. It is a fun look for parties or when you’re feeling a bit extra. For this look you need nail paints in many different shades. Apply two coats of different colour to different fingers. Once it is completely dry, use a slightly darker shade and add an outline to it. This creates an illusion of a shadow around the nail. Use a black nail paint to add a shadow around the nails for that comic book. Use a white gel polish to add some highlights, create a curved line followed by a dot for this. Top it off with a glossy transparent nail paint to finish the look. 

Get creative with your nails and experiment more with different fun and quirky looks. If you’re looking for a professional course to turn your hobby into your career, visit the workshops at Airblack Beauty Club and follow our Instagram page for more such ideas. 

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