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Nail Art

Nail Care Tips For Beautiful Nails

Nail care regimens and manicures are becoming just as essential as haircare and skincare nowadays. Proper nail maintenance is crucial for an impeccable look, like a new haircut or a dedicated skincare regimen. Here are the top nail care tips for beautiful nails. Be it for a party, a self-care activity or simply regular maintenance.

Moisturise your nails

moisturise your nails and cuticles

Did you know moisturising your nails is just as important as your skin? While there can be many reasons behind dry or brittle nail beds, lack of moisture is a key problem. Use cuticle oil for some extra love to your nails. Make sure you spend some time massaging your nails while applying lotion on your hands.

No more nail filing

nail filing to shape your nails

While nail filing is considered an easy and cost-efficient way to get nails in shape, it is harmful to your nails in the long run. The commonly available nail files are harsh on your nails and can leave them brittle and weak making them more prone to breakage. Regular nail filing can separate the top layer of nails from the bottom layer and might even cause fungal infections.

Say No To Acetone

acetone free nail paint remover

Ideally, you should avoid the use of nail polish removers with acetone. They weaken the nails and make them dry and sensitive. Regular usage of nail paint removers decreases the wearing power of your nail paints. Use hydrating nail removers with natural and safe ingredients. 

Trim your nails

trim your nails regularly for healthy nails

Just like hair, regular trimming of nails is essential for their health and longevity. Long nails might look attractive and fancy but they make your nails more prone to breakage. Trim your nails every two weeks or according to how fast your nails grow. A small set of painted nails with rounded edges can look cute and elegant if done correctly. 

Nail Art

acrylic or gel based nails can weaken your nail bed

Frequent nail art treatments or acrylic nail sets might weaken your cuticles. Acrylic or gel-based nail sets, however durable and convenient they may be, are doing more harm than good to your nails. The treatment can damage your cuticles, strip them of natural oils and wear out your nail beds. Use such treatments sparingly or avoid them completely if possible. 

Apply a base coat

a base coat gives stronger nails

Invest in a good quality nail strengthener or a base coat for your at-home manicures. Applying a base coat helps protect your nails from the harsh chemicals present in some nail paints. It also adds an opaque layer to the nails that help get perfect nail paint in just one coat. A base coat makes your nail paint stay on longer without harming your nails.

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