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Know The Success Stories Of Airblack Members

airblack members success stories

A career as a makeup artist is a booming business in India. From bridal, editorial, fashion to celebrity makeup, there is a role for everyone out there! If you’re a makeup enthusiast who loves playing with colours, this is the career for you. Makeup is an art form that allows you to express yourself. The colours, the designs and trends can make your mood go from drab to fab within minutes. 

For new up and coming makeup artists, taking the plunge and following this career can be difficult or even scary. Which is why it is always a good idea to listen and learn from those who have been in the same boat as you. 

Let’s take a look at how some Airblack members created their dream careers with passion, hard work and grit:

1. Sarita Singh

how to promote freelance makeup artist

Mumbai based Sarita is an MBA turned makeup artist. Sarita left behind her high paying corporate job to follow her dreams. While she had previously studied from a renowned makeup school in Mumbai, she felt there was a vast gap between her knowledge about the basics of makeup and the industry. She believes the Airblack makeup certification was a boon to her career and helped transform her makeup style and aesthetic. “I can myself see the difference between the makeup that I do right now and what I did six months ago.” says Sarita about the benefits of the Airblack course. Not only was it a great learning experience, but Sarita also found great mentors who pushed her, taught her how to follow her passion and reminded her to always remember to smile!

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2. Aishwarya Panchbhai

how to become a freelance makeup artist in india

Aishwarya is an engineering student from Agra with a love for makeup. She is a certified makeup artist from Airblack. Aishwarya’s journey with Airblack has helped her gain more confidence, skills and build her personality. The course not only taught her about makeup but how to handle makeup, be creative and have fun with it. She learnt professionalism, how to handle clients, their needs and requirements. Aishwarya believes “there is so much more to makeup than just products and a face.” Because of Airblack Aishwarya was exposed to a community of like minded people with a passion and enthusiasm for makeup. 

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3. Nikita Parmar

how much do freelance makeup artists make

Nikita is a bubbly 25-year old from Mumbai. She has been working at salons from a young age of 15 but had never gained any educational experience. She learnt about Airblack from Instagram and quickly filled a form. What attracted Nikita the most was the budget friendly courses available at Airblack. Airblack helped her reach her goals in a cost effective manner. Nikita believes Airblack has been more supportive of her aspirations than her family! Before Airblack Nikita would often turn down makeup or bridal offers due to her lack of skills. But now she believes she can do EVERYTHING. Nikita now suggests everyone to enrol in the Airblack programme to kick start their dreams. 

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4. Rashi

how to get clients as a freelance makeup artist

Rashi is a professional makeup artist who decided to pursue a makeup certification during the pandemic. She is someone who is deeply passionate about makeup and always wanted to learn more. Rashi thinks she can do makeup 24/7 and still find it exciting. She opted for the Airblack course as a way to practice and grow her skill set. Airblack helped her a lot with learning about different techniques and makeup looks. The best part about her journey were the influencers and makeup coaches that Airblack has to offer. For Rashi, this has been not only a way to learn makeup but also build her career, her portfolio and handle her clients. 

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5. Arpita Burad 

how to start a freelance makeup artist business

Arpita is a Jodhpur based fashion and beauty content creator. She is also a YouTuber with her own YouTube channel with a fan following. Arpita’s experience with Airblack was so amazing she barely realised when the two months were over. It is a great opportunity to learn makeup virtually while sitting comfortably at home. Airblack allowed her to create fun looks while learning from the best beauty content creators of India. It helped her spread her wings, gain confidence in her own art and follow through on her dreams. Airblack has always been a supportive community for all aspiring makeup artists like Arpita.

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About Airblack

Airblack envisions a world where doing what you love is not a privilege. Everyone should have access to resources that help you build a better workspace. Hone your skills and turn your hobby into a successful career like thousands of other through Airblack. Join the  Airblack Beauty Club to follow your heart and build the career of your dreams!

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